Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Defending against cybersecurity threats is a round-the-clock job, and a security operations center (SOC) is a 24-hour team of experts who proactively hunt for, triage, and respond to threats in real time. Large organizations may have an embedded SOC, but smaller organizations often outsource them.

Enhanced SOC-as-a-Service Provides Peace of Mind

24/7 Security Intelligence

Experts investigate important incidents in real time, day and night. Enhanced notifications and in-depth response guidance put actionable intelligence at your fingertips. Live analysts are available 24/7 for incident response support.

Global Visibility

SOC-as-a-Service team members monitor hundreds of organizations from multiple SIEM implementations around the world, providing a truly global view as security alerts are reviewed. This information is used to enhance the SOC investigations for all clients.